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Danielle McManus Live

by Danielle McManus

Stream samples of the latest Live EP from Danielle McManus. 


Danielle McManus is the worship leader at Shoreline Church in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Danielle, her husband Kevin, and their two children moved to plant Shoreline Church in 2012 where her husband serves as lead pastor.  

Danielle grew up leading worship as a child in Florida where her parents are pastors and hoped at a young age she would lead people closer to Jesus through music forever.

Danielle recorded her first EP You Are The One with her original songs in 2010 in her and her husbands best friends studio and it was a dream come true to get the songs out of her heart and into the hearts of anyone she could.  She also released her first live album Danielle McManus Live in the summer of 2015 which was recorded at Shoreline Church.

Danielle loves songwriting!  Her personal time with Jesus is spent in her home singing melodies and phrases that at times transpose into a song and other times live in her journal!  Her favorite time to write is often while cleaning! Funny but true...

Over the past 15 years Danielle has led worship at numerous churches while serving on different church staffs in Dallas, TX and in NC.  Danielle and Kevin love doing ministry together and feel so lucky to get to do what they love while seeing so many grow closer to Jesus!

Danielle is a mommy to Addy and Caleb and she loves creating memories in their home by making up silly songs that make each other laugh!

Danielle has traveled to many churches to lead worship.  She loves to teach on the heart of worship and help create systems for worship teams. She is encouraging her team at Shoreline Church to start writing their own music and loves empowering the artists around her to step into their passion and lead strong.  

You can also hear Danielle on iTunes and connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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